Partners - Help Us Find Landlords

Welcome to the Landlord Referral Partner Program page.

Are you aware of any landlords with single units or blocks of flats? If so, we invite you to refer them to MyBricks 2.0. For every referred unit that makes sense, we will pay you $500. Our services cover the entire UK, and we are open to working with landlords in other countries such as the USA, Mexico, Portugal, or wherever your connections may lie. Please email us at for more information.

In today's challenging rental market, landlords face a variety of obstacles, including rent arrears, voids, and maintenance issues. MyBricks 2.0 understands the concerns of landlords, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of solutions that provide them with a guaranteed fixed rental income. Our approach ensures that landlords receive monthly payments without the typical stresses associated with traditional letting agents.

At MyBricks 2.0, we manage landlords' properties by taking into account their property profile, desired rent level, and rental period. Our team then executes a company lease arrangement with the landlord to provide them with peace of mind.

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