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Welcome to the MyBricks 2.0 Partner Program!

New partners, create your account at to get started! Once your account is created, go to the referral section to access your referral link.

In the sections below, you will find everything you need to start marketing & making money as a MyBricks 2.0 affiliate partner. Take advantage of one of the highest-converting product in the crypto/real estate industry - NFT-based timeshare ownership.

What are the commissions for MyBricks 2.0 Partners?

If a new member purchases our NFT-based timeshare ownership (ROCKS) using your trackable link, you will receive a $50 reward.

What is NFT-based timeshare ownership?

Also referred to as vacation club memberships, an nft-based timeshare ownership is a system in which owners receive a specific allowance of points each year rather than a fixed week. Owners then use these points to exchange for accommodations at a variety of in-network resorts.

How much will a Timeshare Ownership NFT cost (ROCKS)?

The floor price for each NFT-based timeshare ownership (ROCKS) is $1,000. Investors can also participate in our Liquidity Pool with a minimum investment of $1. How much will the buyer of the Timeshare Ownership NFT earn?

Up to 60% APR.

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