MyBricks 2.0
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Our vision

2023/24 Roadmap

Q1 2023: 1) MyBricks 2.0 Dashboard Launch & Referral System 2) Addition of 24 Brand new units to The Portfolio
Q2 2023: 3) NFT-based Timeshare Worldwide Expansion Q3 2023:
4) Addition of our own Booking System to the MyBricks Dashboard
5)Access to exclusive Members Club & Restaurants Q4 2023:
6) Our very own NFT Marketplace! The team will allocate a percentage of all collected fees to the Buy Back & Burn (BBB) program for BRICKS and MyUSD. The Incinerator could be a powerful tool for maintaining MyUSD above its peg and pushing the price of BRICKS higher. However, this will depend on the volume of transactions of the Marketplace.
7)MyDebitCard launch -Airport Lounge Access Q1 2024:
8) MyMetaverse & NFT Accessories 9) MyCasino - Games and Sports betting