• Epoch Duration: 8 hours

  • Deposits / Withdrawals of ROCKS into/from the Boardroom will lock ROCKS for 6 epochs and MyUSD rewards for 3 epochs.

  • MyUSD rewards claim will lock staked ROCKS for 6 epochs and the next MyUSD rewards can only be claimed 3 epochs later

  • Distribution of MyUSD during Expansion: 67% as a Reward for holders of ROCKS in the Boardroom 20% goes to the Treasury 13% goes to the DAO

  • Epoch Expansion: This is the amount of MyUSD that is printed by the protocol per epoch in order to increase the total circulating supply and reward to NFT holders. The main difference between MyBricks 2.0's Protocol and the previous projects is that the expansion rate is calculated based on a sustainable percentage of the total value that is staked in the Boardroom. The protocol, in theory, would be able to absorb 100% of the inflation without the need for new users to join the project and consequently, it would finally bring longevity to a Seigniorage Protocol.

  • Expansion rate: Formula to calculate your rewards: ((ExpansionRate * USDvaluetotalROCKSstaked) * 0.67) * (YourROCKSstaked/TotalROCKSstaked) The current expansion rate is 0.083% per epoch (8 hours), and therefore 0.249% per day or β‰ˆ7.47% per month. Considering continuous printing and with current regulations, this is the distribution breakdown: 5% of printed MyUSD goes to ROCKS holders, β‰ˆ1.49% goes to the Treasury and β‰ˆ0.97% goes to the DAO fund.

    The current expansion cap is based on ROCKS staked, if there are Bonds to be redeemed, 65% of minted MyUSD goes to the treasury until it is sufficiently full to meet bond redemption. If there is no debt it will follow the max capped expansion rate.

Boardroom UI Available information

Epoch indicates a countdown timer to the next epoch. (Each epoch duration lasts for 8 hours)

APR refers to the simple returns in USD value relative to the number of ROCKS staked (USD value). Note: APR fluctuates from time to time and is solely dependent on the price of MyUSD.

Boardroom on Contraction Periods

The Boardroom will not mint any MyUSD (NO REWARDS ON BOARDROOM) while TWAP (Time-weighted Average Price) < 1.01

Boardroom on Debt Phase

The Debt Phase takes place during the expansion epochs that start after a contraction period where there are still Bonds to be redeemed.

65% of Expansion during the Debt Phase is allocated to the Treasury Fund to prepare for the Bond's Redemption. This amount is still reserved whether or not holders are redeeming bonds or not.

Once MyUSD in treasury is sufficiently full to meet all circulating bond redemption, expansion rates will resume to normal.


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