MyBricks 2.0
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MyBricks 2.0 - Innovations

Introducing NFTs, Timeshare Ownership and a Decentralised Stablecoin.

A New Era of Ownership

Once you become an MyBricks 2.0 NFT holder, you are now part of a very select group of investors with some pretty amazing perks, let's dive in: -Free stay in the UK with our NFT-based Timeshare Ownership -Returns of up to 60% APR from our Protocol -No locking period. Exit your investment by selling your ROCKS in the open market and eventually on our own NFT Marketplace. -Voting rights (governance) on proposals to improve the protocol and future use cases within MyBricks 2.0's ecosystem.
More Perks are coming soon! Our team is working hard behind the curtains to bring some fantastic new use cases, such as: Our own Debit card - Collect Rewards, top up your card and spend your money however you like. Private Members Club - Have access to some amazing places in Liverpool, Manchester and London. MyBricks 2.0's own NFT Marketplace, where you can easily buy and sell MyRocks NFTs. Find out more on our roadmap.

What is NFT-based timeshare ownership?

Similar to a vacation club membership, an NFT-based Timeshare Ownership is a system in which owners receive a specific allowance each year rather than a fixed/floating week for example. Owners then use their allowance to exchange for stays at a variety of properties or boats from MyBricks 2.0's portfolio. The system of which

How much will a Timeshare Ownership NFT cost (ROCKS)?

The floor price for each ROCK is $500. Once the first 2,500 NFTs are sold, the only way to acquire one will be through the open market and soon, our very own NFT Marketplace! Please note that 438 thousand ROCKS have already been sold, with 77 allocated to the DAO and 777 allocated to the Team, leaving 6,485 ROCKS available in this batch at the $500 floor price. Prices are estimated to increase once they hit the marketplace, but we do not speculate on pricing.

Decentralised Stablecoin with an Algorithmic Central Bank

The MyUSD algorithmic token serves as the backbone of a rapidly growing ecosystem aimed at bringing liquidity and new use cases to the new MyBricks 2.0 ecosystem. The protocol's underlying mechanism dynamically adjusts MyUSD's supply, pushing its price up or down relative to the price of $1.
Inspired by the original idea behind Basis as well as its predecessor (bDollar), MyBricks 2.0 is a multi-token protocol which consists of the following three tokens: -MyUSDollar (MyUSD)
-MyRocks (ROCKS)
-MyBond (BOND) The price volatility of cryptocurrencies is a major deterrent to mass adoption. Their rapid change in fiat-denominated value causes payment values to vary even during settlement times, being highly inconvenient to merchants that handle them.
Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies with an exchange rate peg with existing fiat currencies (such as the United States dollar) or a fiat-related index, thereby drastically increasing their usefulness as a payment medium. Although many wide varieties of stablecoin mechanisms exist, the MyBricks 2.0 Protocol specifically uses an “algorithmic central bank” approach to manage the supply of tokens according to a predetermined logic. The algorithm is in charge of balancing the stablecoin supply to a fluctuating demand, ensuring that the token price remains relatively stable. Further details are available under the Tokens & Mechanisms section.